Our Livestock Guardians Katie and Alpine

We purchased Katie from Eva Seals of Eriphos Farm at 7 months of age. It was important to me to have a well socialized dog and one that was started with livestock and who's parents were working livestock and had been health tested--a tall order for most LGD breeders. In our search for an LGD we found most LGD breeders do not take the time to health test their breeding stock and do not believe in socializing or handling their dogs.  There are only a few breeders that believe as I do, a dog is to be a valuable member of the farm and family as well as a life long companion to be loved.  We do not believe an LGD is to be treated like a piece of old farm machinery to be left in the field to rot.  It was important to us to find a breeder that spends time socializing their dogs to both livestock and people. 

Eva Seals of Eriphos Farm has the same values as I do when it comes to LGD. I emailed Eva explaining my situation and my expectations of what I wanted in a GP/LGD.  Eva picked out the female for me based on all our correspondence.  The pups receive human interaction from the day they are born and continue until they leave her farm.  The pups that are to become LGD start their exposure to livestock around 10 weeks of age. Katie arrived, spayed, health tested, vaccinated and with all the basics, walks on a leash, comes when called, has been bathed, brushed and had her own set of goats to guard.  She has adapted well to our goats and is just a joy to own.  She is a valuable member of our farm and family and we hope to get her a friend soon from Two T's farm, another breeder who believes in socializing and health testing their dogs.  Katie's new best friend is Two T's Alpine Peak.  His breeders also health test their LGD and register the results with the OFA.     

 (AKC) Eriphos Farm Fabulous Katie, 

April 11th, 2012 , By Self's Little John and out of  Elkhorn's Hope Everlasting pictured at 7 months

(Dam) Elkhorn's Hope Everlasting ,

CHIC # 47708 OFA:  Hips: Good GP-5165G27F-VPI,  Elbows: Normal GPEL485F27-VPI  Patellae: Normal GP-PA281/27F/P-VPI, Cardiac: Normal GP-CA152/27F/C-PI CERF: GP-288, DNA Profile #: V541935

(Sire) Self's Little John

CHIC# 39848  OFA: Hips: Fair GP-5039F24M-PI, Elbows: Normal GP-EL410M24-PI,  Patellae: Normal GP-PA185/24M/P-PI, CERF: GP-289/2007--30 DNA Profile# V492148

Katie pictured with her does Dec. 30, 2012

Two T's Alpine Peak

Two T's Alpine Peak, is Katie's best friend.  His sire is a multiple best in show dog and his mother is foundation LGD.  Alpine was shown a few times in AKC conformation shows but grew in height beyond the acceptable limit set in the AKC standard.  Alpine has been well socialized with people and other dogs and has been to nursing homes.   He has been managing his breeders Savanna goats for about a year and adopted our Boer does as his own.   We have been training Alpine in formal obedience for future Rally competition.  I have heard the show dog blood lines and/or one that has been  obedience trained won't work goats and make a good LGD,   well I say Bah Hum bug.  Alpine and Katie have removed the fox population from the farm, keep the buzzards, hawks  and any large bird away from our baby goats and make sure the neighborhood dogs never wander inside our farm's boundary. 

Below is a picture of Alpine in our back yard with my hubby. 

               Alpine sleeping with his does in the pasture